For close to 20 years, our lives have been consumed with all things dog. We have been involved in a variety of occupations revolving around dogs: Veterinarian Technician, Dog Grooming, Dog Show Handling, Training and Breeding.


We began our show and breeding journey with the Yorkshire Terrier. We saw great success with our little loves but we had a drive to do more with a dog breed than showing. We expanded to Great Danes. We really enjoyed this breed but our Danes were not the breed for our next big adventure. We had an active lifestyle and wanted to be more involved in dog training. The search was on for our perfect dog.

It was not for years later I ran into something incredible. While grooming at my day job I saw him, walk into the shop, I see a majestic, regal dog enter the room. I was amazed by the beauty of this pure white dog with strong muscular stature. I asked the owner several questions including his breed, a Dogo Argentino. I must have exhausted the owner of this dog with a list of questions. He was nothing like I had ever seen.


Over the next year I researched and took in every bit of information about this amazing breed from the appropriate bone structure to the temperament intended. I discovered during my period of research the Dogo Argentino was a fit for our lifestyle and would be the perfect companion in our next adventure.


In 2010 after I was confident with the information I learned and I took a leap opting to purchase my first Dogo Argentino. UKC GH. Lady Noble MistyMoor La Cocha, aka Noble, is the first in my kennel. I purchased her from De La Cocha Kennel, not any kennel but the first to create and perfect the breed.


I put together an email communication expressing our interest in the breed. Our hope was to obtain an offspring from Morocho De La Cocha and Maria De La Cocha. I received a quick response from De La Cocha advising the requested Sire and Dam had a litter of pups but only 1 female was in the litter. My heart skipped a beat. Quickly, I secured my first Dogo Argentino with payment and waited eagerly for her arrival.


Full of excitement to start our new adventure, we were also scared. My fellow peers advised us we were crazy to purchase a dog from another country. But we had no doubt we were making the right decision.


Here we are 9 years later with the head of our pack Nobel. She is fearless with an even temperament allowing her to become a champion in the show ring and provide comfort as a service dog. We could not be more proud.


We have had many accomplishments here at MMK9s. Several pups from our litters have gone on to become UKC Grand Champions and Champions. In addition to creating champion bloodlines we have also raised multiple service dogs.


At MMK9s our mission is to maintain a high quality Dogo Argentino. Our dogs maintain an amazing solid temperament as companions, hunters, and show dogs. They are also showing great strides in protection work as we move on to add these credentials to our kennel.